Choosing the right electric bicycle

If you're looking for an electric bike, then what do you need to know before you can decide which model is the best choice for your needs?

1. Budget

New electric bikes start as low as £150 and can cost as much as £2000. Expect to pay £600 - £1000 for a really solid, reliable, quality electric bike. Note that prices can vary with exchange rate fluctuations, as many are imported.

2. Preferred type of bike

Electric bikes may draw on an additional power source, but otherwise they're still a bicycle. So consider all the criteria you'd use to choose a normal bicycle.

The most important is to decide on the basic type of bike you're looking for. For example...

Electric bikes also come in two distinct versions (or hybrids of both).

You can think of E-bikes as working a little like a "moped with pedals". You control when the motor kicks in through a throttle switch or grip.

Pedelecs do the thinking for you. The motor decides for itself when you could do with some help and adjusts its output appropriately.

3. Weight and structure

The motor and battery adds weight to a bike, so look for products with modern alloys and light, but strong, frames that keep total bike weight down.

The very latest batteries and motors keep weight down without sacrificing power, but cost more. If you find a cheap bike with a light motor and battery, then check that's not at the expense of power and performance.

4. Motor

Most modern electric bikes use a hub motor, i.e. a motor built into the wheel's hub. Motor design is a complicated affair and you should let yourself be advised by a specialist, but two of the main differences between motor types are:

Be sure also to read the page on UK laws, since you can certainly find electric bikes for sale whose motors are not legal for use on British roads.

5. Power needed

Your choice of bike and (particularly) battery type largely depends on just how far you want to go between charges and what kind of work the motor will have to do en route.

If you're only going a few hundred metres each day around a flat, well-kept road system, then even the smallest bike batteries will probably suffice. If you intend doing 25 miles a day, with some steep inclines thrown in, then you'll need premium battery power.

Check out the page on batteries, which takes a closer look at that core element of the electric bike.

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